Vertex Oak Series P2.9mm 500x500mm Indoor LED Display Panel

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The Vertex indoor oak series 2.9mm is the latest cost-effective LED display panels for indoor applications.

The LightLink Oak series is designed to be compatible with the upgraded basic modules (LR, LR-Pro, LR-Pro II and other modules). These display panels come with a magnetic design that is safer and effectively reliable through its magnetic modules and pin positions.

The Oak series is ultra-thin with a depth of 63.5mm and a weight of 7kg. They are uniquely designed for rear and front maintenance of the detachable LED control box and module. The Oak series can also be seamlessly mixed with 500x1000mm LM-Plus models.

The Oak series is built durable with aluminum die-cast material which allows for Curved/90° or cubed installations. Each panel is 249.8x249.8x0.5mm ensuring easy installation when stacking and hanging.

  • 500x500mm - 1.64' x 1.64'
  • Pixel pitch:  2.9mm
  • Brightness: 1000nits
  • Die Cast Aluminum